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Recovery Foundation

We support all pathways of recovery and help those in need of transitional living
and vocational assistance with vocational support.


We Are

We are a group of individuals in long term recovery and recovery allies dedicated to giving others a second chance at life.


We Do It

Early recovery can be overwhelming and challenging. We give individuals in early recovery the tools they need to succeed.


We Do

We grant recovery residence scholarships to individuals in early recovery and assist with job searching, resume building, and interview skills.


Recovery Foundation

Inclusive Recovery Foundation was founded in South Florida in 2017 by our board of managers, who all share a common vision and goal. We wanted to build an organization to support all pathways of recovery and provide resources to those in need of transitional living and vocational assistance. We at Inclusive Recovery Foundation do more than provide recovery residence scholarships in early recovery. We help those individuals find meaningful employment so they can support themselves after their housing scholarship has ended.


How We Help

  • Vocational Support

    Navigating early recovery can be very overwhelming and at times frustrating. Our volunteers have lived experience in recovery and have navigated these issues. Along with vocational assistance, the support we provide helps guide individuals along the recovery pathway of their choosing.

  • Resume & Interview

    We help individuals in early recovery stand out from the crowd by crafting a resume that showcases their talents to potential employees. We also go through a mock interview process to strengthen the individual’s responses in a controlled environment, where we can offer constructive feedback before it matters.

  • Recovery Residence Assistance

    Safe and supportive transitional housing is important for all people in early recovery. We provide financial assistance for strictly vetted recovery residences for a fixed period of time while the individual receiving the assistance seeks employment with the aid of one of our volunteers.



To provide transitional living assistance and vocational support for those seeking recovery, regardless of the pathway. Our mission is simple: we want to help people who don’t know how to help themselves yet. We seek to help individuals navigate the obstacles of early recovery to set them up for long term success.



To increase the availability of safe, supportive, and welcoming environments in which those who are new to recovery can learn and grow. To see individuals in early recovery find gainful employment and move closer to realizing their potential while starting their lifelong journey.

Support Recovery

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All donations to Inclusive Recovery Foundation will directly support giving another individual a chance at recovery through a recovery residence scholarship and vocational assistance. Inclusive Recovery Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, so your donation is tax-deductible.

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Our Team


We are a group of individuals in long term recovery and recovery allies who got together and formed Inclusive Recovery Foundation to remove some of the obstacles individuals new to long term recovery face. We hope that this will allow the individuals we work with to focus on what is important: Creating a foundation for lifelong recovery.

Neill Timmons CRRA

Neill Timmons has owned and operated a FARR and NCARR certified recovery residence since 2013, operating in both Florida and North Carolina. He opened his program with a deep passion to help others who were suffering from the same illness that he had overcome. Since then Neill has been certified as a Recovery Residence Administrator, is training to be a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. Neill attained a BS in Business administration from Northwood University in West Palm Beach in 2013. He has completed leadership training and volunteered at Gratitude Training in 2015 in West Palm Beach. He also currently serves as the Vice President of the North Carolina Association of Recovery Residences and shares the Standards chair position.

David Erichsen

David is first and foremost a recovered drug addict. He is a jack of all trades and a master at a few. Currently he is the Chief Marketing Officer for Future Frontiers, manages a small digital marketing company, is a managing partner of several web properties, is actively involved in an agricultural start-up and helps several small companies with their web development and online marketing. In his spare time he produces music and is an avid landscape photographer.

Ryan Terker

Ryan is a finance professional experienced in working with NARR certified recovery residences. He has seen the value that a well-run, structured residential recovery environment and gainful employment can provide for someone beginning their journey of recovery. It is because of this experience that Ryan decided to co-found Inclusive Recovery Foundation with John, David, and Neill.

John Puls, LCSW, MCAP

John began working with individuals suffering from substance use disorders in 2013 as a behavioral health technician. Shortly after, John became the director of operations for a FARR certified recovery residence in Boynton Beach. During this time John completed his bachelor’s degree in social work from Florida Atlantic University in August of 2016. John was accepted to the advanced standing master’s in social work (MSW) at Florida Atlantic University and completed his degree in May of 2017. Currently, John is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with the state of Florida and a master’s certified addiction professional (MCAP) with the Florida Certification Board. John firmly believes in individualized care, supporting multiple pathways to recovery, and the availability of MAT.

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    Josh Wakefield

    In February of 2015 I hopped out of a dingy treatment center van and carried my garbage bag of clothes towards a one-story house in a less-than-desirable Neighborhood in Boynton Beach, FL. This house, my new “halfway house,” scared me to death. Having been born with a substantial social handicap to begin with, and having barely survived the “genpop” insanity of my 200 person treatment center, I had no idea how I would endure moving into a house with 8 complete strangers.

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    • “Upon my completion of treatment I needed a bit of trust and a push in the right direction to further my recovery, I got both through Inclusive Recovery Foundation. I will be forever grateful for the support that Inclusive Recovery Foundation provided me. ”